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Creating amazing spirits

We’re an experienced consultancy - we’ve created gins and spirits for a lot of well known brands, and if you’re thinking of making something unique and flavourful, let’s talk.


Matt McGivern (CEO & Founder)

An Innovation and Supply Chain expert within the alcohol industry, Matt and his team have delivered some of the industries best known spirits. Most recently he was Chief Operations Manager for The London Distillery Company.


Toby Sims

Toby joins the team with an amazing track record delivering award winning, beautiful liquid for Kew Gardens, Fortnum & Masons and Dodds Gin. 

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Spirits Development

Fabulous pine notes from this one…

Fabulous pine notes from this one…

Citrus on a summer’s day

Citrus on a summer’s day



Spirits Development is our passion

For us, it’s flavour above all else. We’ve worked with a vast array of ingredients and botanicals, and aren’t afraid to push the boat out or experiment. No matter what flavour profile you are looking for, we’ve got you covered.

Exploring Spirits

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Learn about different spirit types

We’ve got backgrounds working with most spirit types, and are happy to run spirits exploration events at any venue. Let us guide you through subtle variations on a single spirit type, or go all out and try a hugely varied selection of spirits, all side by side. If you’d like to organise a tasting, drop us a line at


Previous Projects we’ve worked on

REBEL RABBET November 2018

Rebel Rabbet Exile Series

Rebel Rabbet is a disruptive brand, not held back by category restrictions but instead focuses on flavour and reviving lost spirit types or recipes.

TLDC Rye Whiskey LV-1767 Edition -Bottle (2).jpg

LV - 1767 Rye

This whiskey was crafted from 100% Warminster rye, laid down in 2014 to mature for 4 years in new English oak barrels

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Kew Explorer’s Gin

A Navy Strength Gin that won Gold from the IWSC in the Gin & Tonic category.

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